Monday, 1 October 2012

Focus on Metal Detecting: "Glasgow Fourth" Now Amended

Sharp-eyed Nigel Swift has shared with me the news, on the Trafficking Culture website, the "Glasgow Fourth" definition of illicit metal detecting discussed earlier has now been quietly amended. It now reads: 
"Searched on private land with permission from the landowner, but then failed to disclose what was found (except where this was agreed in advance with the landowner to be unnecessary), especially items of financial value or items of Treasure, constituting theft from the landowner and/or the Crown."
They forgot to add: "Four legs good, two legs better"!

Wouldn't Bazza Thugwit the detectorist filling his pockets with artefacts he sees no requirement to show the landowner need that in writing? How would Glasgow or the PAS see that being phrased?  

 I'd like to know whether Suzie Thomas' published text on which the encyclopaedia entry was based was also changed. Still, nice to know the Glasgow Criminologists pay heed to comment. It is a great shame they don't acknowledge it. 


heritageaction said...

It's wrong though. Farmer Brown thinks so anyway - and whose opinion of what nighthawking is matters most - a bunch of academics or the potential victims?

He says he'll explain it to them tomorrow.

Paul Barford said...

Well, I hope he gets listened to this time, instead of people just denying he exists.

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