Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ransomed past, Jethro Gets his Money

Leather-clad tekkie Jethro Carpenter
holds up a bit of Britain's
ransomed heritage
A metal detectorist has managed to sell the nation its heritage back, metal detecting on Bredon Hill he found a hoard and in order for it to go to a museum, he had to be paid off (Sarah Taylor, 'Coin hoard is to stay in the county' Worcester news, Tuesday 27th November 2012).
The money has been raised through private donations, a donation by the Worcestershire Archaeological Society of £1,000 and a grant from the V&A Purchase Grant Fund
So the archaeologists are paying detectorists to hand over finds which if found by real archaeologists would go straight into a museum? What kind of a "partnership" is that? A very uneven one which seems to me like no other partnership I've ever heard of.


Cultural Property Observer said...

It's the law in the UK. I thought you were against criticizing source country law because it is none of our business. If so, I'm not sure why a Pole should be criticizing the UK's laws on the subject. In any event, it is highly doubtful that an archaeologist would have ever found this hoard. Archaeologists are few in number and would have no reason looking where this gent did. The genius of this system is that it puts archaeologists in partnership with members of the general public. Let archaeologists focus on major sites and be called in where appropriate to investigate the find spots of hoards. Incidentally, archaeologists are not cost free as your post suggests.

Paul Barford said...

No, actually, you are wrong. It is NOT the LAW, either in the UK nor in England. Check your facts please.

I suggest you at last try and sort out in your head how archaeology in the UK is funded, and what costs are borne for what. I am right here, you are wrong.

I really see no reason not to criticise a bad policy.

The point of preservation Mr T. is not "finding and digging up everything now", any more than it is killing all the whales, and rhinos. This is especially the case when money is insufficient to deal with it properly (the coiney die-link standard publication after proper conservation and study).

Did not see the ACCG chipping in with any funds. Did they?

Why not check a few facts before doing your sniping? It would save a lot of time and unpleasantness. Or perhaps that is your aim, time-wasting and making a coiney nuisence of yourself.

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