Friday, 1 February 2013


According to the Coiney Voice of Washington:
the situation [in Mali] still seems rather bleak. This also once again raises the larger question of whether the assumptions behind the US MOU with Mali (a state capable of being a good steward for its cultural resources) are faulty. 
 One wonders what it's like being a US coiney represented to the outside world by someone who creates the impression that it is a callous nine-year old writing. The heritage of Mali is under more danger through conflict and unrest than it has been previously, and the threat seems unlikely to end tomrrow and he is suggesting that the US refuse to help? The logic of that will probably escape all but the US collector anxious to get his hands on as much of other people's stuff as they can (the TRAMP* argument ) regardless of how it came onto the market. Anything goes eh Mr Tompa?

The Tompa blog is less about cultural property observations, you will seek in vain there for any informed content on a wide range of issues. It concentrates mainly of posts slagging-off the cultural policies of any nation that dares challenge the self-appointed "rights" of citizens of the United States of America to appropriate for themselves anything they fancy from the cultural heritage of subservient and inferior foreign "source countries". Primarily therefore he focuses merely on countries with existing or proposed cultural property MOUs with the USA, or those that take a stance against US neo-colonial stances on antiquities and especially those producing antiquities of the broadly-understood 'Classical' world (Cyprus, China, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali). He is less interested in cultural property doings in those countries on his own continent (Alaska, Bolivia,Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru) - no coins there you see.

* "it's global heritidge, so mine too!"  TRAMP "The Right to Access My Own Past"

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