Monday, 4 February 2013

Metal Detectorist Plays the FLO

UK Metal detectorists love to pretend to be members of the opposite sex when writing about preservationists. We had on PAS Forum the gaggle of "concerned housewives" protesting that people were criticising those nice gentlemen with machines years ago, more recently we had "Candice Jarman".  The effects of the latest in the series can be seen over on Heritage Journal, where several abusive and haranguing messages were sent to the Heritage Action editor, purporting to be from a member of PAS staff. Several factors gave away that it was however not.

I'd like to ask however where metal detectorists get the idea that it would come into the head of a Finds Liaison Officer ("liaison" you understand) to write to a conservation group in such terms. It takes little imagination to conclude just what the FLOs actually say to metal detectorists about all manner of archaeobloggers, preservationists and conservationists - like Heritage Action. That is what they will only say behind their backs, NEVER to their faces. Name calling is easy when you do not have to justify it.

UPDATE 7.02.13:
I see that Heritage Action have decided to remove the comments relating to the attempted imporsonation as frivolous and unrelated to the matter under discussion. I'll leave my comments to this incident up for the moment, it well illustrates the sort of people the PAS is trying to "outreach" to and wishes us to believe that they will ultimately be successful in making them "partners". 

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