Sunday, 8 September 2019

British Archaeological Jobsworthism Needs Outing

UK archaeological-
collecting partnership
More marginalising concerns by the establishment about the archaeological consequences of the current UK status quo on Collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record (aka looting), heritage Action:
So we remain convinced that a 2009 excavation measuring 10 x 14 yards, a 2010 follow up excavation comprising 110 yards of trenches and pits and a 2012 survey using patently inadequate metal detectors will NOT have revealed all that is there. It’s not good enough, as better equipped nighthawks have known very well ever since. We shall resist suggestions we’re hysterical or ill-informed.
HA: "The Staffordshire Hoard: no, we won’t desist or be dismissed as ill-informed…." 08/09/2019
British archaeological jobsworthism  needs outing... why aren't British archaeologists doing that in the case of artefact-hunting related issues? (Rhetorical question).

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