Thursday, 26 September 2019

Cause for "Alarm", except in Blinkers-Bloomsbury?

An archaeologist who's done a lot of work with artefact hunters has said that "there is an alarming rise in illegal and immoral behaviour" among artefact hunters [one assumes that this refers to in England and Wales]. Sam Hardy @conflictantiq picks this up and urges that
it's important to try to work out whether that's due to an alarming change in behaviour (and/)or an alarming increase in numbers v @PortantIssues
Indeed, but is it not disturbing that the BM press department on behalf of the PAS is not keeping the UK public and media informed about this, as she says "alarming" rise in illegal and immoral behaviour among British artefact hunters. One might wonder why not? Should we not be informing the public about this and why it is damaging?PAS, what are the figures and what is the PAS reaction, if any?

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