Saturday, 14 September 2019

"Shhh, Dont Rock the Comfy Boat": No "Finger Pointing Tolerated" in UK Archie-land?

Don't walk on the grass
Spencer Carter, FSA Scot, Rescue Council, Research Fellow at Durham University (the one who "apologise[d] for [the existence of?] Paul Barford" on Facebook when the Durham FLO had a go at me there), apparently in response to my comments on the Countryside treasure hunting advice article says "I do prefer the debates more than polemic finger-pointing". I must say Dr Carter FSA has not been so blatantly noticeable as a participant in public debates on collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record of Durham or anywhere else, maybe I've missed some. But I'd say that in general it seems many archaeologists are happier keeping out of anything like debate about these issues, thus letting the treasure hunters dominate the discussion unchallenged as happened here (and then they moan about that and play the misunderstood victim). It seems to me that Dr Carter FSA would prefer the "finger pointing" not to refer to those who surely should be taking part in such a public debate and are not, and would prefer that we all just let UK archaeology's collective passivity in this area go unremarked?
No prodding sleeping dogs then? Just ignore the lack of activity and keep quiet, not rock the boat? I get it.
Dismissive FSA (Scot) response:
Spencer Carter ­čîłPro EU | #Archaeologist FSA Scot@microburin·1 godz.
Have a great weekend.
As I am sure a couple of thousand members of the public with their metal detectors will be too, taking advantage of the mild weather, while arkies skive off from talking about the effects. Well let's see the effects here and talk about it next week:

Or would that - actually addressing what is going on - be "finger pointing" and a bit too polemic for a Durham Research fellow? And if he disagrees with me and does not think the PAS should be making (should already firmly have made) its mark as the go-to body for information on portable antiquities issues, then who should be, in his opinion?

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