Thursday, 26 September 2019

Historical-Environmental Moralities Differently

"Nighthawks"?  But this is in broad daylight, illegal metal detecting photographed on a SAM site in Caerwent by ‎Allan Mills‎ to Metal detecting. One wonders what happened after this was captured on film... Meanwhile Leicester's ex-FLO commented on the artefact hunting within the churchyard:
Unbelievably callous and disrespectful. Happy to say not all detectorists are like this, but there is an alarming rise in illegal and immoral behaviour. [emoticon] 
That rather gives the impression that this is another FLO that's swallowed the "not-a nighthawk" blue pill and seems to suggest that she'd be "happy" to say too that collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record is OK as long as its not done by "people like this". That is, one hopes she's been following the discussion, if there might be 27+k people doing it in the UK alone. who else is "happy" about that?

So, if the photographed guy had moved a couple of hundred meters to his left, outside the scheduled area of the walled Roman town, there would be nothing immoral about him filling his pockets?

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