Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Something Contentious in this Hope?

Evelyne Godfrey udostępniła link. 11 godz.
Looking forward to the post-excavation analysis results and scholarly publication of this assemblage in a mainstream academic journal and presentation at scientific meetings! Such an important archaeological find deserves publication beyond the Shropshire Star

"Evelyne Godfrey wyłączyła możliwość komentowania tego posta."

No comments allowed, apparently publication of archaeological discoveries is a contentious subject these days.

Is there a problem about this 'hoard' and the story that the public was told? One story for us and one for the plebs? Why can the British public not receive proper information from archaeologists about deposits like this through the press? And what prevents us from discussing the public dissemination of archaeological information to the public in this case, Ms Godfryy?

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