Monday 8 June 2009

Help preserve Colonia Ulpia Traiana Ratiaria

From: Bulgarian Archaeological Association <> The general intention of this letter is to ask you for your help to preserve the biggest archaeological site in North Bulgaria - COLONIA ULPIA TRAIANA RATIARA. The capital of the Roman province of Dacia Ripensis is being completely destroyed by out-of-control treasure-hunters' digging. For the last 30 years, the Bulgarian government and the municipal directions in the region have not allocated any funds for this archaeologically valuable site. Recent finds from this place shows that every day we are losing inestimable information which is important not only for Bulgaria but for European and Roman Archaeology. The Bulgarian Archaeological Association would appreciate any support you are able to offer. Please donate us even 1 EUR to support our cause here. Remember that any amount helps! With compliments, Olia Milanova (archaeologist Vidin Ragional Historical Museum), Bulgarian Archaeological Association 21 Tsarigradsko sosse blv., 1124 Sofia, Bulgaria Telephone: +359 878 940223 Maybe this is another one the ACCG can set up a fund for, after all, the dealers and collectors gathered under its aegis have been the primary beneficiaries of all this digging. The site is at Archar, just south of Vidin in northeast Bulgaria, in other words one of the two sites most frequently mentioned as the source of the bulk lots of "dugup" coins and artefacts which help fuel the no-questions-asked classical antiquities market of the UK and USA.


Nathan Elkins said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for bringing attention to this. A good cause.

I hope you don't mind that I posted the information on SAFECORNER and Numismatics and Archaeology as well. I wish them the best with raising funds to protect the site and bringing public awareness to the problem.

Tarquin said...

Thanks for the link!

Paul Barford said...

My pleasure Tarquin. It would be nice if all those collectors busily buying Balkan "dugups" would give a little thought to where they are all coming from and what is lost as a result. This appeal has a nice link to a website in English giving a little basic information about the site.

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