Wednesday 10 June 2009

Son 'Relieved' To Tell Cops Of Dad's Stolen Artifacts

More details are emerging about the Sisto Collection issue which was the subject of an FBI press conference on Monday. There is an interview with Joseph Sisto on NPR News ('Son 'Relieved' To Tell Cops Of Dad's Stolen Artifacts') in which he talks to Melissa Bloch a little about his motives and the schism between him and his late father about the items in the collection. You can listen to it here. It turns out that Joseph Sisto studied (as a third degree) cultural anthropology, hence his concern. The question of the origins of this material seems more complex than originally reported. It is confirmed that far from Mr Sisto obtaining the material only from the grandfather as the FBI press release was suggesting, he was buying some of the material in the collection himself from 'third parties'.

It would be interesting to hear the version of the second brother.

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