Saturday 13 June 2009

Mr Tompa looses his cool

Mr Tompa obviously needs to get in contact with Sue Newton of Brighton (below). He has just published on his blog a post based on a wikpedia article he found entitled "Paul Barford: Voice of the Archaeological Community on Portable Antiquities?". I'll answer that question for him. No. No, I am not. On the contrary. Though there are few archaeologists even British ones who will tell me they think I am wholly wrong on portable artefact collecting. Not to my face anyway.

I learn from Mr Tompa that I have a whole Wikipedia page to myself, written by a person (one "Steve Welton") who cannot spell or use apostrophes, focus his writing or do basic research. Must be a UK "metal detectorist", a surmise well supported by observing what the person's account concentrates on, instead of what I've really been up to and published since 1974.


Cultural Property Observer said...

I remain interested in learning more about your credentials and whether you are currently working as an archaeologist or not. Perhaps, you can post this information on your blog.


Peter Tompa

Paul Barford said...

I remain interested in learning more about your credentials Why? Is it Cultural Property you are observing, or something else>?

Paul Barford said...

"I see Paul Barford has ignored my demand that he remove an obnoxious post about me.."
Should've said please. In contrast to your latest post based on an "attack page" on Wikipedia, mine was about what you said about the Sisto case, the FBI and "the Italians" in two of of your posts. There's the difference.

David Gill said...

The terms 'Barford' and 'authority' meet in a single post on Looting Matters. The point under discussion has a further point of coincidence ... but that is obvious to the reader.

See here for the terms on Looting Matters.

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