Friday 5 June 2009

Sez it all, really

From Yahoo ancientartifacts forum:
"i myself only buy because i love the thought of holding and owning a piece of history.when i hold a corinthian helmet in my hands that coulde have been worn by a greek hoppolite at themopolye or marathon well that sends a shiver down my
spine that money cant buy
Yes, I imagine holding it really effortlessly takes one back to the days when the 'hoppolites' were hopping along to do battle with all those nasty opponents of 'truth, justice and the Spartan way' far better than reading any difficult book (no danger either of homegrown scholars of the past actually finding out from them what their real name was). But surely it is a mistake to say that "money cannot buy" these emotions, since the writer admits that is why they buy these things. Still, they are quite difficult to get on eBay now... some vague reproductions are available though. I guess its not the same "shiver" though.

Vignette; "hoppolites" by Frank Miller in a comic book.

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Anonymous said...

"because i love the thought of holding and owning a piece of history."

Ah, if I had a coin for every time I'd heard that said by metal detectorists over here I could open an EBay shop for the good of mankind.

It's tragic that they should believe it though (both for them and the rest of us that see the result). In our view it is impossible for them to hold or own a piece of history and they are deluding themselves. It's a sham "shiver" yet the damage caused by chasing it is just as real.

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