Wednesday 3 June 2009

New book on metal detecting published

A new book on metal detecting in the UK and elsewhere edited by Suzie Thomas and Peter Stone has just appeared. Well done to all concerned. Nice cover. The publisher's website say it costs fifty quid, but at least one on-line bookshop thinks it is worth much more. I have not seen it yet but am more or less conversant with what was planned to go into the book, and think it should be read by anyone interested in the portable antiquities debate. Despite ten years of "liaison" with artefact hunters and collectors in Britain, as far as I am aware there is not much in the way of book-length academic treatments of the subject on the market at the moment, so any account is bound to be valuable for students as well as the general heritage-keen reader.

Having said that, I am co-author (with Nigel Swift) of the less conventional 'alternative' view (due out soon from the same publisher which is nice - maybe our cover should have had the BACK end of the lion on it...), so I'd say to get a rounder view of the problems, it would be useful to buy both when the second one (which is just about the UK) comes out.

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