Thursday 9 December 2010

AIA "War Chest"

Over in Washington a lawyer retained by an international dugup ancient coin dealers organization is questioning what he calls the "AIA Lobbying War Chest" (sic) money which goes for "organizing campaigns that sent hundreds of letters to Washington in support of renewing import restrictions on archaeological materials from Italy and Greece" for example. Tompa wants to know how much money was spent on public outreach about this.

I'd like to know how much money and time the AIA devoted this year to demonstrating to the US public and policy makers that the CCPIA does NOT "implement" the Convention, and requiring the US to resolve to either modify the implementing legislation so that it does in full, or withdraw from pretending to honour the Convention. Or is this a battle the AIA has no will to fight as part of its "Site Preservation Program"? What is it that the US intends to preserve by the continued existence of the cop-out 1983 CCPIA? I wonder if there's going to be some Wikileaks on this?

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