Thursday 2 December 2010

Selling Museum Collections

As a result of the Britarch discussion on the crisis of British archaeology, there are some useful comments on the idea that the selling of "duplicate finds" from museums might be one solution. The question was raised by an archaeologist working on "the farther shore" (in Nevada in fact)
1) "why the hell do you guys lock everything up in a museum and put
so little of it on display"; and/or
2) "why the hell don't you sell some of these points/bifaces, etc. on eBay or
sumpthin' if there is a budget problem?"
We've heard that one before. There are a number of very good posts by Britarch members answering why. Collectors proposing this might like to read some of them.
Janet Davies for example,
John Shepherd,
Malcolm J Watkins,
Reuben Thorpe,
Nick Boldrini, rather controversially,
Reuben Thorpe, and so on (yes, I have missed out some posts, look at the whole thread for completeness).

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