Monday 27 December 2010

A Christmas Present for US Site Looters

Brandon Loomis: '18 months after Utah raid, do artifact laws stop theft?', The Salt Lake Tribune, Dec 25 2010.

A longish article about Action Cerberus and how after all the effort and expense it seems unlikely to have an effect on deep-grained attitudes among diggers and collectors. This begs the question, what will?

the supporting matter to the text contains a summary of "who has been sentenced so far":
Probation » Jeanne Redd, Blanding
Probation » Jericca Redd, Blanding
Probation » Dale Lyman, Blanding
Probation » Brent Bullock, Moab
Probation » Tammy Shumway, Moab
Probation » Nicholas Laws, Blanding
Probation » Robert Knowlton, Grand Junction, Colo.
Probation » Ray Lyman, Blanding
Probation » Aubry Patterson, Blanding
Probation » Brandon Laws, Blanding
Prison (for threatening undercover operative) » Charles Denton Armstrong, Blanding

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