Saturday 4 December 2010

Tübingen Coin Theft

The German coin collecting magazine Münzenwoche/Coin News reports the theft of 44 gold coins from a showcase in the Tübingen Schloss Hohentübingen museum. What it does not say is that there were no traces of a break-in or that the cases had been forced open. Was this an inside job? Let us note that collectors only publicise such things when it happens in source countries with brown-skinned inhabitants to show how untrustworthy Wily Oriental Gentlemen are to look after their own heritage, better in the hands of Wisconsin or Munich collectors.

Let us note too that although 44 coins are listed, the institution was able to find photographs of thirty of them (and only sixteen which show both sides), and the weights quoted are inconsistent as to their degree of accuracy. This is in Germany, where Ordnung muß sein. Why were there no working alarms or security systems in this museum? Let's see if the recognisable coins turn up anywhere interesting, and wonder how on earth the no-questions-asked coin will ever allow the location of the ones for which no photographs have been published.

Vignette: No alarms on the cases with valuable coins? (Vectis Alarms).

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