Wednesday 17 September 2014

American tourists caught with Pompeii relic

The Local, 'American tourists caught with Pompeii relic', 16 Sep 2014
Two American tourists were caught at Rome’s Fiumicino airport with a 30kg artefact from the ruins of Pompeii stashed in their luggage. The artefact, which would have adorned a building at the site near Naples, was discovered on Monday morning in the tourists’ luggage in their rental car. They reportedly intended to fly home but were stopped by airport authorities and now faces charges of appropriation of state heritage, Il Mattino said.[...] The US government’s travel website tells citizens, “while you are traveling in Italy, you are subject to its laws.”
duh. One shudders to think how they thought they'd be getting that onto the plane without detection.

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David Knell said...

Trust the average American tourist to be so boringly materialistic.

From the same article: "... just last month a Frenchman and two Italian women were caught having an orgy in Pompeii".

Europeans have a much keener sense of occasion. Why bother with material relics when you can have far more fun staging an historical reenactment!

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