Wednesday 17 September 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: "Target - Archaeological Sites"

Over on a metal detecting forum near you, Harri from the Herts and Beds area, a "Newcomer to the forum' introduces himself (Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:32 am). He says he has good relations with the local farmers, but 'erdefrisch artefacts for free' cost a fair bit in whiskey and beer at the local pub:
lots of history on the farm where I live near Harpenden, and well, most know what St Albans and Wheathampstead are like [...] The last three months have thrown up a bit of a gold-fest, Posy ring with 'My love for life, forever your wife' inscription, a stunning full stater, two gold half soveriegns and a 1778 Gold half guinea, Literally hundreds of Roman coins, and a fair few Silver denarius popping up, on the Roman villa and Roman burial sites[...]
And when he takes them into the FLO and says casually that they come from a known villa, what does the FLO say as his contribution to seventeen-million-pounds-of-your-money archaeological outreach? Whatever he said obviously made very little impact on "Harri".


Anonymous said...

Perhaps he's never met a FLO. Which lets the PAS off the hook. Except it doesn't:

Eleven forum members have greeted him so far and not one has picked him up on what he said.
Which means 12 people untouched by outreach, not one.

Paul Barford said...

"PAS outreach", "best practice", it is all a big sham isn't it? What with this and their "numbers game", one would be justified in saying that the British public is in effect being misled into accepting a huge portable antiquities scam.

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