Friday 19 September 2014

Is this Evidence of Ancient Time Travel?

An absolutely, certainly, completely watertight post-1970-surfacing ancient, ancient, ancient metal item in an upcoming London auction bears some amazing traces which can only be interpreted as evidence of ancient time travel. Look at this groove. The toolmarks and form suggest very strongly that it was cut with a rotary tool rather than a tracer. Now we all know that Middle Eastern fakers of the early twentieth century used hand tools much like those used by ancient artisans, so that cannot be the explanation can it? Even though the lumpy design looks like it owes a lot to Art Deco modes... Nah, I reckon it's time travel all right. There's another longer groove just to the left with the same characteristics.

There are quite a few rather odd looking things in that catalogue... many of them with rather sketchy collecting histories. Caveat-you-know-who.

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