Saturday 27 September 2014

Hoard Hoiking criticised

"Tomo" (RE Re: Youtubes from the Roman Hoard digging out: Sat Sep 27, 2014 2:36 pm) writes:
Lol so many negative reviews.
Yes, it's amazing isn't it? Although absolutely nobody writing in three pages of that thread mentions they'd seen the comments of any archaeo-blogger (let alone critical remarks from the PAS), the 'popular posts' app in the left sidebar and the tracking of the people reading the post on this blog shows quite clearly that quite a few metal detectorists have taken an interest in external discussion of the topic.

In the above-mentioned thread (which unlike the earlier one which I mentioned which was more enthusiastic than judgemental will probably be kept openly visible for longer by the forum moderators) there are a lot of metal detectorists saying judgementally (and without smileys and LOLs):
"they shuldn't of done it like that".
They obviously want us to forget the previous reactions to the news and think this is the opinion of all 16000 UK metal detectorists. In the group of, I think, 21 detectorists around that hole seen or heard in that video, only one is heard to be suggesting the archaeologists should be brought in, but he is quickly shouted down. Less than one in twenty. So is this a regional thing? Metal detectorists north of the Humber being differently outreached-to by the London-based PAS? Or it is actually that the majority of detectorists would be of the same mind as those detectorists on that thread saying "if it's my find, I get to dig it up" and the posing is only a righteous façade for public consumption?

UPDATE 28th Sept 2014: 7:56 am
Well, I was wondering how long it would take muddybandit1  to realise the video really was not showing his hoard-hoiking friends in too good a light. Now we see the usual tekkie reaction to criticism in action, instead of responsibly facing up to it, run away:

The worrying video on the
‘Dunelme hoard’ may be gone, but the issues it raises will not go away. 

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