Wednesday 24 September 2014

Due Diligence and the Intellect of a Cat

"The guidelines set forth some things
to consider, taking into account value of 
the object, how common it is, and its potential origin". 

tell me when we can read the final text
The multinational manufacturers of a certain brand of cat food are reputed to put in the tins a substance which is addictive (intended to provoke the feline victim to devour the contents of their food bowl in a way suggesting to the owner that they need to buy more of that brand). In the same way it is beginning to look as if suppliers of dugup ancient coins must be soaking them in something which, absorbed through the skin, rots the brain from within, and stops collectors thinking too much or asking too many questions.

A week ago a certain dealers' association produced a document (a draft set of guidelines on "due diligence") for consultation preceding its public release at the end of October. I mentioned it here. A coin collector, not understanding this idea, decided today to make the draft document prematurely available on his website.  I will not be commenting publicly on the draft document, I will wait for the proper version which incorporates feedback, and I suggest my readers wait for the final version and pay no attention to the provocation.

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