Friday, 19 September 2014

ADCAEA members now have secret Guidelines

"The Association of Dealers and Collectors of Ancient
and Ethnographic Art (ADCAEA) is an organization dedicated
to providing resources, education, networking and support to advance
the responsible and legal trading and collecting of ancient and ethnographic art"
"All ADCAEA members subscribe to and maintain the following code of conduct: [...] 10. All members shall promote awareness and understanding of collecting principals (sic!) through open communication with allied collectors and the public". 
Yeah, right, which is why their guidelines for conducting due diligence are only visible by subscribers: ("campaign"?). It seems not to have been put out for consultation, and  allied collectors and members of the public are not allowed to see what they propose without paying.

Do all four ADCAEA dealers apply these guidelines to every single of their purchases, including the one that very frequently turns up in my search results by people who obviously see some sort of reason to have serious doubts about him or her? And the anonymous one from the UK? It strikes me that if you cannot put your name to a statement, that statement is not worth very much.

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