Tuesday, 30 September 2014

El Salvador and the Heritage Debate

It is interesting to look at the docket of the El Salvador MOU renewal public comments which has no coiney or metal detectorist nonsense.  The first comment to have gone up last night was a brief one from that Paul Barford chap. This was followed by one by Leila Amineddoleh, on behalf of the Lawyers' Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation (LCCHP). Unfortunately this one would not open for me (temperamental computer day). No doubt it said all the right things. Then it was the turn of Anita Difanis,  representing the Association of Art Museum Directors, which was followed by "Anonymous, Anonymous" on behalf of the Association of Art Museum Directors (Oh dear... "Please substitute this document for the one filed earlier today on behalf of the Association of Art Museum Directors” ). It's a closely-argumented and footnoted text, but the attitudes that come through I find appalling. Read it for yourselves and decide what you think of these people's attitude (to a simple request from a little nation to restrict certain types of imports to items with the two kinds of paperwork envisaged by the CCPIA). The highlight is (currently) the last,  a really well-argued one by Karen Olsen Bruhns, well worth reading (especially the last paragraph).

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