Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Style, Design and Ethics in a "Bible Museum"

Michelle Boorstein (Washington Post's religious correspondent) writes now in their Style Blog (sic) about the Green Bible Museum ('So, just how do you design a Bible museum?', September 16). How about in a way which deals with the public's questions about the ethical issues involved in the rapid accumulation in a private collection of a large number of historical artefacts from various source countries, some of which are freshly surfaced ("from underground"?) in current market conditions? It seems the designers instead have gone in the direction of a scheme to enhance the personal status of the sponsor as a way of dismissing those questions. Perhaps it would do better to concentrate on the chain of curators that has allowed the objects displayed to be preserved down the centuries, honour them as much as the person who brought them all together to show off as his personal collection? In line with the institution's declared mission, lets see a museum of collecting histories as a physical demonstration of the devotion paid by numerous people, one after the other, to the evidence of the Bible's place in human culture.

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