Thursday, 18 September 2014

Oxfordshire Collector of Militaria Arrested

A day following the St Albans raid, there has been another arrest in the UK of a collector of militaria ('Arrest after World War Two explosive found in Bicester', BBC 18 September 2014)
A man has been arrested after a World War Two explosive was found and had to be detonated by police in Oxfordshire. Officers have closed Buckingham Crescent in Bicester and a small area of the street has been evacuated. Thames Valley Police confirmed one person had been arrested but no further details have been released.
UPDATE 18th September 2014 (From Oxford Mail) : Police say 
munitions discovered this morning at a home in Bicester may have been plundered by illegal metal detecting at heritage sites. A 35-year-old man is currently being held by police on suspicion of theft from heritage and protected sites after the raid on a home in Buckingham Crescent this morning.
There have apparently been controlled explosions actually within this house today.

UPDATE UPDATE 19th September 2014

Tania Steere, 'Posing with machine gun and dressed in army fatigues, man, 35, is arrested for taking arms from heritage sites' Daily Mail, 18 September 2014.
Daniel Mackay’s home was raided yesterday by police searching for artefacts that may have been illegally dug up with the help of metal detectors and removed from heritage sites. Mr Mackay, 35, from Bicester, Oxfordshire, was pictured online posing with his wartime finds and featured in a macabre YouTube video entitled ‘Exhumation of German soldiers in 2014 Kurland,’ an apparent reference to a Second World War battlefield in Latvia. In the video he is referred to as a "military archaeologist". The video was posted in June by 48-year-old Alan Tissington, whose home 40 miles away in St Albans, Hertfordshire, was raided by police on Wednesday, when a massive cache of guns, bullets, bombs and shells was discovered. Sources close to the case said the men knew each other and went to European battlefields and ex-military sites in the UK with metal detectors most weekends.[...]  Detective Inspector Steve Raffield said the operation was in its early days 
One wonders, on the mention of the involvement of this man in digging in the so-called Kurland Kessel  ("the Nazis' last stand") whether there is any connection with the fallout from the Nazi War Diggers fiasco last year. Here's the video, Mr  McKay appears at 1.5 minutes:

and Mr McKay's home collection is discussed here.

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