Sunday, 28 September 2014

UK Metal Detectorists Have it Out

Detecting blogger Andy Baines has a message for Mr Mentalcase who has made it his life's task to disrupt the use of social media in the heritage debate: "If you do not like it you know what to do". This stalker needs medical help. Meanwhile, Mr Baines suggests therapy though interaction of a different kind: 
If you feel you can write a better blog, go for it. There is plenty of room here for everyone and it is always good to have a wide variety of views and beliefs to read about.
Indeed, but the problem is that one can readily see (for example from the content of their forums) that many artefact collectors find it difficult articulating a coherent body of views and beliefs. They mostly feel more comfortable parroting what other collectors say, ignoring a large proportion of the relevant issues, meaninglessly mouthing façadist sentiments they feel are expected, and with aggressively deflecting reasonable discussion with puerile ad hominem and slanderous comments. They are less comfortable articulating a reasoned and frank discussion of what they and their fellows do without falling rapidly into cliché and generalisations. Mr Mentalcase could no sooner produce a well-argued blog of his own than he could say 'sorry'.

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