Thursday, 18 September 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: Dysfunctional?

Detectorists (BBC)
Adam Sherwin, 'Metal detectors object to digs by Mackenzie Crook about ‘dysfunctional’ hobby in BBC4's 'Detectorists'...', Independent, Wednesday 17 September 2014
Metal detector[ist]s have accused the BBC of portraying them as “anoraks” in a new sitcom that shines a light on those enthusiasts whose lives are dedicated to uncovering a treasure hoard. [...] the National Council for Metal Detecting refused to co-operate with the BBC when it sought the body’s participation in the series because they felt the project intended to mock enthusiasts. In the opening episode, the head of the detecting club sends members to sleep with a tedious talk on buttons. Trevor Austin, the council’s general secretary, said: “They approached us but we didn’t want to get involved in a comedy which would belittle detecting and make detectors look anorakish [...] Any serious metal detector knows there isn’t much money in it. And they don’t dig without getting a special licence and abiding by the rules.”
Well, as far as their record so far looks, if the NCMD had ever agreed to co-operate in any initiative at all, it would probably be a first. What's this about a "special licence" Mr Austin, where did you get that from? Now if there is anything that makes metal detectorists look like a load of touchy twits, it's their national organization refusing to be consultants for a sitcom, a sitcom for goodness' sake, for fear that detectorists might be made to look any more ridiculous than they themselves will make them look by adopting such a stance.   That's why the Independent is writing bout the NCMD rather than the upcoming programme.

There was a press screening last night. The comedy series "Detectorists" is set to debut on BBC4 on Thursday, October 2nd at 10pm. For more updates on the series, follow @Detectorists on Twitter

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