Wednesday, 17 September 2014

St Albans Bust Part of Wider Investigation

This BBC video gives some of the background to yesterday's St Albans Windmill Avenue bust. It is part of an ongoing three-year investigation into illegal artefact hunting from collected conflict archaeology sites. Very satisfyingly if anyone mouthed the "most-metal-detectorists-are-law-abiding-folk" mantra, it got edited out.
Mark Harrison from English Heritage said
this is the first operation of its kind
"Illegal metal detecting or nighthawking has long been of concern to those who strive to protect our past. This is the first time that English Heritage in partnership with the police have targeted those who they believe are regularly taking and trading in battlefield artefacts". 
On a metal detecting forum near you, a member ("Wansdyke44", Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:59 pm) says: "This guy sells military stuff on ebay. I recognized it from the photo of his back garden. Can't remember his username, but the stuff he sells is very overpriced". Perhaps what we see is less a museum than a dealer's stockroom?

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