Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Portable Antiquities Scheme has by now recorded OVER 1 million archaeological finds

What's he doing? Measuring
a coin with a photographic scale?
Ah, they are owning up at last to the sham, this at eleven in the morning of 25th September 2014.
"The Portable Antiquities Scheme has recorded over 1 million archaeological finds ",
so, um, it seems churlish to ask, but since the hashtag is called "", which was "THE millionth"? Or are you going to ignore that question too?
and for the bean counters who still care what they say:
"1,024,567 objects within 634,042 records"
UPDATE 25th Sept 2014
3 godz.
Tomorrow morning we will reveal what was the millionth object recorded on the PAS database!
... and there is some reason why you cannot do it today? For the bean counters, you are only 24,722 objects too late. Pathetic.

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