Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bananas to Buy Antiquities

"You'd have to be bananas to buy antiquities,
coins or collectables on eBay these days
PhDiva new post eBay: We Have No Papyri?
ebuyerrrrr the Turkish supplier of dodgy papyri to dealers who ask no questions and the Green Bible Museum is sticking to selling what he calls embroidered textile Kaaba fragments* and some dubious looking Egyptian 'antiquities' these days ... not papyri. Under his alias eemtia he is listing Egyptian 'antiquities' but no more papyri. eBay continue to ignore complaints, even from Ministry of Culture officials and foreign non-US law enforcement agencies.
It turns out that eBay had some kind of 'advisory committees on both philately and numismatics' (to look at some of the coin offerings, you'd never have believed it). Anyway fakers and smugglers don't need to worry about them, apparently eBay has just disbanded them.

Vignette: Bananas antiquity buyer 

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