Tuesday, 16 September 2014

St Louis Archaeologists Flog off Finds

Lot 150 Egyptian limestone double-sided relief fragment for Nefertiti New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, Amarna Period sold at Bonhams Auction 21926, 3 Apr 2014 ( spotted by Douglas Boin ). The block was excavated during the 1922 season of the Egyptian Exploration Society at Amarna under the direction of Sir Leonard Woolley along with numerous other fragments from the inner room of Akhenaten's River Temple.* The collecting history is given as: "Claude Harkins Collection, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, acquired in the early 1970s. Archaeological Institute of America in St Louis, received from the Egyptian Exploration Society in the 1920s".

* T. Peet & C. Leonard Woolley, The City of Akhenaten Part: I Excavations of 1921 - 1922 at El'Amarneh, Oxford, 1923, pl. XLIII, figs 1 & 5.

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