Saturday, 20 September 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: "Loathsome"

heritageaction writes that after seventeen million pounds of expensive outreach to them, in Bonkers Britain conservation is treated by artefact hunters as “gangrenous propagandist claptrap”. UK artefact hunters are apparently fearful that an upcoming detecting sitcom will "belittle" what they do and portray their hobby as "dysfunctional", yet are quite oblivious to the fact that time after time, ambassadors for their own community do more than enough to show themselves in the worst possible light:
just look what detectorists have said about us in the last 2 weeks: "Sad and lonely Luddites.... second-rate, down-market, repugnant, malicious, ignorant, hare-brained nutters and psychos.... wilfully ill-informed numpties..... ill-mannered specimens of the human race, guilty of gangrenous propogandist claptrap.... like predatory homosexuals..... loathsome, vocal, single-issue culture weirdo’s using cheap drugs.... the kind of souls who pull wings off flies...." So .... if you dig stuff up for your own benefit you expect (and generally get) kid glove treatment but if you simply advocate legal regulation of the activity for the public benefit you'll be attacked in the crudest fashion imaginable!


Paul Zoetbrood said...

I wonder how many UK metal detectorists watched this evenings BBC2's program on Stonehenge and learned something about what archaeology is really about

Paul Zoetbrood

Paul Barford said...

I wonder how may would read a BOOK on it.

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