Sunday, 21 September 2014

Gleaming in the Dust - The Looting of Egypt's Heritage

Gleaming in the Dust is an audio documentary by Square Bracket Productions, an independent production house based in London. Gleaming in the Dust was produced by George Richards and Tristan Summerscale, with music by Anthony Cardona. It presents a number of different views.
Contributors to the documentary were: Dr Monica Hanna (Egyptologist), Sohair Younis (Press Counsellor, Egyptian Embassy), Dr Chris Naunton (Director, Egypt Exploration Society), Marcel Marée (Assistant Keeper, Ancient Egypt and Sudan Department, British Museum), Julian Radcliffe (Chairman, Art Loss Register), and James Ede (Member of the Board, International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art). The documentary was launched on 8 July 2014 at the Egyptian Cultural Bureau in London with a panel discussion between Dr Chris Naunton, Marcel Marée, James Ede and Tristan Summerscale, chaired by George Richards.
Sound Cloud: Gleaming in the Dust - The Looting of Egypt's Heritage

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