Monday, 22 September 2014

Weekend Hoard Hoikers: Group Photo

The trophy: "Group shot with Davey the lucky member in green wellies in front" (posted in public domain by "Tomo" Mon Sep 22, 2014 8:11 am).

 Here's another photo of hunters posing with trophies for comparison:

Trophy killers
Trophy killers
It is quite clear that these artefact hunters were not out to increase anyone's knowledge of history, but to get a trophy to cross off their 'bucket list'. Not a single one of the members of the group photo at the top has on his face the slightest hint of a doubt that they are entitled to hoik archaeological evidence out of undisturbed archaeological sites and destroy whatever they want in the heat of excitement of playing Indiana Jones for their five minutes of fame, and hang the rest of us.Meanwhile we see the same radggedy hole with heaps of soil scattered all around obscuring any kind of observation as in countless other photos of archaeological artefacts recovered by metal detectorists showing similar lack of discipline and method. When will we draw the conclusion from the repetition of such sad scenes that this cannot go on unchallenged by those who care about the past? Trophy hunting for a reward is not archaeology.

UPDATE 24.09.14,
The find should be known until we get more details as the ‘Dunelme hoard’

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