Saturday 22 June 2013

"Talk About a Conversation Piece..."

I've only just come across this in Donna Yates Twitter gallery. This is horrendous from start to finish.

"coins over eyes used to pay passage to the underworld" - getting a bit confused there I think...

"Since its believed European collection" note they avoid saying where it actually came from.

"several cervical vertebrae still attached", in other words came off when the head was wrenched off the corpse's torso probably by modern looters for easier smuggling and sale.

"So, if your goals are investment, entertainment, conversation, or all three, get a "head start" in your bidding, on this authentic Egyptian mummy head".

Sadly there is no curse of the mummy, so it is unlikely that every single person involved in this sale and the utterly atrocious video woke up to find fire-breathing cobras writhing around on the bed covers ready to strike at their eyeballs to revenge the desecration of the dead in this way. More is the pity.

Heritage Auctions - remember that name.


Damien Huffer said...

I know the name well, and in fact discuss this item in an upcoming paper :)

Thutmose said...

Is there any way to track down the dirtbag that bought this, I wonder?

Paul Barford said...

Well, you are assuming that there is somewhere in the antiquity collecting world a lone and sick individual who WOULD buy such a thing. I prefer to believe that it did not sell.


Thutmose said...

I do hope you are right Paul.

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