Thursday 27 June 2013

The Outreach of the PAS to the Owners of Finds

Since the PAS is supposed to be all about outreaching to the public, I want to know why every farmer that has given permission to a detectorist to take his (the farmer’s) finds along to the PAS does not get information direct from the PAS to the owner what the object is, and under what number his property is recorded. This could most cost-efficiently be done if the farmer supplies an email on the permission letter that the detectorist receives, and presumably shows the PAS. This way also farmers can keep tabs on how responsible the tekkies they let on their fields are, if they are being shown pocketloads of finds from a site which get taken away and later do not get reported, he can have words with them about being responsible history hunters rather than selfish grabbing looters profiting from his good heartedness.

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