Wednesday 12 June 2013

The Chicago Ron Fanclub Thread

A detectorist has his own fan club and they have special hats to show membership. Innat sweet?

The Chicago Ron fanclub official Treasure Seekers' hat

I'm getting fed up with US metal detectorists sending off-topic comments to my earlier thread on reactions to the Chicago Ron televised artefact grabfest. The first episode aired tonight. Let his fans send some comments giving their reactions. I'll start the ball rolling with the relevant parts of what steelheadwill commented on my  post "Travel Channel, "Dig Wars", artefact hunting "Real...":
Mr Barford, I look forward to watching this series, especially to see if the 'winner' is judged on the monetary value or the historic significance of their find, I believe that Ms Andersons 'Realscreen' quote on this subject to be incorrect. [...] As a responsible and law abiding member of the metal detecting community, all my recoveries are first offered to the landowner, (along with as much information I can provide them as to historical significance) Many of my recoveries have been donated to local historical societies. (I was quite disappointed to discover that more than one of my donations had been sold by these entities, and have since learned that this is common practice with both museums and historical societies). All my recoveries are researched and documented online, my hope being that this information will help others who recover the same/similar items to be able to learn of their history and significance. 
He did not provide any link to this "online documentation".

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A link to steelheadwill's on line documentation:-

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