Saturday 22 June 2013

What US Dugup Dealers Are After

The word from the ACCG:
If, as the ACCG expects, it is determined that the bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs has proceeded in an unjustifiable and contrary to law manner, it is reasonable to expect that the Memoranda of Understanding restricting import of ancient coins will be vacated, and that the bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs will be ordered to conduct its affairs in a more transparent manner, specifically fulfilling many reporting and disclosure responsibilities it has heretofore ignored.
I am not quite sure how Mr Tompa thinks he is going to pull off the scrapping of two (or more?) CCPIA MOUs through a local court decision (District Court of Maryland, Northern division in the matter of "three knife-shaped coins (sic), twelve Chinese coins, and seven Cypriot coins versus the United States of America"). Also what would be the retroactive legal consequences of federal trade restrictions being declared null and void for those responsible and law-abiding dealers in the USA and abroad who were carefully complying with them? Would they be entitled to some compensation from the US gubn'mint for wasted effort, and if they were, would they claim it? If so, can we expect to see them all greedily lining up behind the ACCG? Just who is lining up behind this group of dealers and why?

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