Friday 7 June 2013

"Zahi Hawass is Back"

The excited headlines of LiveScience announce: " Zahi Hawass is back" as if he had been anywhere other than in his office in Cairo all the time. What is important if true is the next bit:
The famous, and at times controversial, Egyptologist is free of legal charges, free to travel and is launching a worldwide lecture tour with the aim of getting tourists back to Egypt, he told LiveScience in an interview [...] It's a turnaround for the archaeologist, who, just a few months ago, was under investigation and banned from traveling outside Egypt. At the time, there were a number of allegations related to his tenure as Egypt's antiquities chief in Hosni Mubarak's former government. These allegations reportedly included allowing antiquities to travel out of the country illegally, wasting public funds and using his position inappropriately to aid a charity run by Suzanne Mubarak (wife of the deposed Hosni Mubarak). He was banned from travelling outside Egypt while under investigation [...] "All the accusations against me were dropped, were completely false, and this is why everything's finished, I can travel, I can do anything," he told LiveScience in an interview after a lecture held here on Monday at the Royal Ontario Museum.
More here:  Owen Jarus, "Treasure in Great Pyramid Awaits Discovery, Egypt's 'Indiana Jones' Says", LiveScience 06 June 2013 .

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