Wednesday 19 June 2013

Bigotry never far away - Looting "The other Islamist threat"

Once again we see a stunning example of xenophobia from the 'multicultural home of tolerance and freedom' the USA. The Tribune-Review calls looting history (aka the archaeological record), "The Other Islamist Threat". What the...?

So looting is not a "Christian threat" when it goes on in the Ozarks, the Four Corners area, or just outside Hailes Abbey? Its not an "Orthodox threat" when it happens in Bulgaria or Northern Russia? Or a "Communist threat" when it takes place in China? What ARE these people thinking? In any case, what IS an "Islamist threat", anyway? What I think IS a threat is bigotry, religious bigotry included, and it seems to me that the Tribune Review article, frankly, reeks of it. Note the appearance of the discredited 'demolishing the pyramids' trope. Disgusting.

Anon (not surprisingly), 'The other Islamist threat: Looting history', The Tribune-Review Tuesday, June 18, 2013.

Image: "Islamophobia", there are people behind the label.  

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