Monday 10 June 2013

Welcome Home...The two statues of Kneeling Attendants


A photo that says it all, from the "Welcome Home...The two statues of Kneeling Attendants" Facebook page of the Kerdomnel Khmer Group (KDNK) a simple photo of "Pedestals at Prasat Chen, Koh Ker". I presume the ones at the sides belong to the ex-Met "Kneeling Attendants", and we can see that those who detached the statues did quite a neat job with their crowbars. So when is the figure in the middle coming back?

More empty pedestals here

The two statues of kneeling attendants will arrive tomorrow (Tuesday 11th June 2013) in  Cambodia. They will be displayed at the Peace Palace during the 37th annual meeting of World Heritage Committee (16th-27th June 2013). It is believed that this time, the statues will be travelling with their heads securely fixed on.

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