Saturday 8 June 2013

Focus on UK Metal Detecting: What is Welsh for "Flying Pig"?

Heritage Action have been looking at the statistics and have determines that "Wales is rolling in cash".
It seems that PAS in Wales has only recorded about 240 artefacts in a year. That’s about half an artefact from each of about 500 Welsh detectorists. Sad innit? “Maybe that’s all they find” observed a passing porcine aeronaut launched by the National Council for Metal Detecting. [...] It costs the best part of £200 for each of those artefacts. Not for the actual artefacts you understand, just for recording them. It’s lucky there’s such a lot of spare Government cash around in Wales (although, confusingly, The National Museums of Wales have just proposed a restructuring programme to save £2.5m, with 23 job losses. “Quite right” snorted the NCMD spokespig, “we have to prioritise spending”.)
Still, it will be nice to see what happens when Wealthy Wales takes over the responsibility of financing its own Portable Antiquities Scheme, rather than it being a drain on the English system. Will massive financial input into getting those recording numbers up be a vindication of the notions behind the Scheme, or will PASWales reveal the whole thing to be one big sham?

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