Wednesday 19 June 2013

Tekkie Tries to Understand the World - and Fails

Real straw-for-brains stuff this:
You see, the archaeological community resents the fact that we don’t need grant money to enjoy the outdoors, the fresh air, the joy of the search, the treasure we might come home with, the beer or two we might have afterward, and the fun we always have no matter how our day turns out. Yep, we’re a threat to our historical heritage….
Ah, so that's it. The beer. According to the tekkies' limited world-view, it is not the fact that hoiking archaeological evidence out of the ground is damaging a precious non-renewable resource, they are having none of that. They think we are just spoil-sports like the ones that no doubt victimised them at school and obviously they feel this is continuing into their adult lives, the perpetual victims that they see themselves as. This is followed by a revenge-fantasy about the demise of proper archaeology:
Those in control of their livelihood are slowly but surely cutting their monies because they see the light of day. Spending thousands and even millions on an archaeological project is not money well spent in today’s economy, and the bottom line is that we put the finds and the facts out there faster for free.
"Facts"? And it is hardly for "free" when we tot up all the Treasure awards, year after year.

Then we have his UK tekkie grandpa sidekick proposing that the UK's Ancient Monuments Act was a put-up job by Soviet Intelligence to prevent UK's  detector-using public discovering the secret weapons dumps and hidden espionage equipment that he thinks they'd buried in scheduled archaeological sites all over the country, and that "a high level archaeologist" inadvertently revealed to a tekkie that he had "connections to a foreign intelligence agency". Ergo, all British archaeologists have been duped by the Soviets. He reckons. It will be noticed that shingle-for-lawns does not cite a single date or verifiable fact, narry a link to a single source,  to support his hate-driven anti-archaeological fantasising. No wonder these two have recently been seen hanging around Peter Tompa's conspiracy theory-riddled blog a lot. Like a hand in glove.

Vignette: Typical tekkie talkin'

UPDATE  20th June 2013:
As if to make the point, we now find Peter Tompa validating the tekkies' blog, QED.For him concern about looting and the no-questions-asked trade in antiquities can be ascribed solely to "academic snobbism". 

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