Tuesday 25 June 2013

SLAM Still Trying to Hang on to Ka Nefer Nefer

Rick St Hilaire has the latest in the sorry saga of Ka Nefer Nefer in the US museums and legal system ("Justice Department Files Brief in SLAM Mummy Mask Appeal, Claiming "Clear Abuse of Discretion", CHLRSH,Tuesday, June 25, 2013). Meanwhile  Phoenix Ancient Art, S.A. from whom the contested mask was purchased in 1998 is retaining a 'discreet' silence. Let it be noted that since the original cover-story was questioned, not a single extra piece of information has come to light about the mysterious central European collections through which this item is said to have passed. Total silence. Total silence too in SLAM's catalogue about the fact that at some time between going missing from Egyptian museum stores sometime around 1973 and it being on offer in 1998 somebody scratched the inscription on the hand of the object off, the inscription that identifies the owner. If it could be, as the dealer asserts, documented as passing legitimately through the hands of legitimate collectors and trade, who saw the need to obscure its origins?


Cultural Property Observer said...

You are really spinning this story. SLAM won the case on a motion to dismiss. It's more that the Government is desperately trying to hang onto to its claims.

Paul Barford said...

If SLAM has "won", that speaks volumes for the US "Justice" system.

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