Monday 17 June 2013

Amsterdam Tropenmuseum Petition

I might get a protest comment from Dr Kwame (depends if they have Benin stuff), but I'll join Peter Tompa in suggesting readers might want to add their name to the Tropenmuseum petition. Having said that, financing a cultural institution of this type is not in the remit of the Ministry of Foreign affairs anywhere else, so one can forgive the Dutch one for pulling 20 million Euros (so they say) from this one. Also it seems its not actually the museum that is threatened so much as its library and library staff, but hey, PACHI LOVES libraries and books. Go on, sign it (but you might like to use GoogleTranslate on the Dutchstuff to make sure what it is you are putting your name to). Do it now, they want to get loads and loads of signatures by 30th June

[Its a bit surreal this for me, "trup" in Polish means "corpse", "tropenmuseum" sounds vaguely obscene]



As you can see from my writings, my interest goes beyond Benin artefacts on which I write regularly. I am concerned about Egyptian , Ethiopian, Malian, Mexican, Nigerian, Peruvian and Turkish artefacts as well as the Parthenon marbles.
Kwame Opoku.

Paul Barford said...

Sorry, yes. But, you did not say, is it a museum you would support or not, or has it got potentially 'dodgy' stuff in it?

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