Friday 14 June 2013

Shock-Horror: Peter Tompa Subject to US Government Surveillance ?

Peter Tompa ("Breaking News: CPO Subject to Government Surveillance?", Cultural Pproperty Observer blog Friday, June 14, 2013) has discovered that the FBI reads his blog and is shocked by that (he'd be even more worried if he knew who reads posts referring to what he's done or said on mine). A blog is by its nature a public document, so no need to get paranoid because somebody's reading it. But if it flatters his ego to think the FBI are after him, so be it. I hope they get their man. 
"The mission of CJIS is to reduce terrorist and criminal activities by maximizing the ability to provide timely and relevant criminal justice information to the FBI and to qualified law enforcement, criminal justice, civilian, academic, employment, and licensing agencies concerning individuals, stolen property, criminal organizations and activities, and other law enforcement related data." 
Vignette: The Administration's watching you.


Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theories are endemic amongst this small-minded ilk. And this is hardly their first such whacky conspiracy theory. Indeed, the fact that a few law enforcers might read public blogs on cultural property issues is hardly surprising and a far cry from "surveillance". But I guess playing the martyr suits the cause of alarmists such as Houghton and Tompa.

Paul Barford said...

It is interesting that the latter-named did not really understand what the link he published was telling him...

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