Monday 24 June 2013

Following the Drift as Opposed to Mouthing-off

I assume that most people were able to follow my drift in a text I wrote about the difference between what a collector collects (and rejects as a collectable) and what archaeologists consider is archaeological evidence. It is here. Sadly not all metal detectorists could follow the argument. In a bad-language post terminated by a foul-mouthed comment  ("Now It’s Our Junk They Want!"), one of them indicates for all to see that he has not the foggiest what the issue is.
This man, without a doubt, is paranoid, obsessed and in need of treatment.  He’s what I call [...]“bat shit crazy”…. Hmm, makes perfect sense to me? (sic) [...] Are you ready for this? Here it comes….SCRAP METAL!!  Damn, holy cow, knock me over….what a travesty!  What next?

Maybe what next is that a metal detectorist, instead of being insulting might want to actually think about what he reads on other people's blogs before he decides to make an exhibition of his crassness and inability to grasp a (pretty simple, you must agree) point.

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