Saturday 8 June 2013

Antiquities Seized in Minya region, Egypt

Police have arrested three men from Bani Mazar (Minya governate) charged with possession of antiquities looted from sites around the ancient Oxyrynchos in Minya (ضبط 3 أشخاص بحوزتهم 48 تمثالا أثريا بالمنيا - بوابة الأهرام 6th June 2013). They are listed as a 28 years old worker, a 19 years old worker and a 20 years old conscript. The photo accompanying the article shows more than the 48 items (shabtis?) mentioned as having been found in the possession of  the three, it is probably a stock photo from another seizure. There seem to be reports of many such seizures coming from this area in recent months.

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